The Bucks County Orchid Society (BCOS) is a small group of orchid enthusiasts that meet ten times a year in southeast PA to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge about orchid growing. Our membership includes beginners, experienced hobbyists, commercial growers, and AOS judges, who grow their orchids on windowsills, under lights and in greenhouses. Many bring in blooming plants for the show table. Most meetings feature a knowledgeable speaker and a plant raffle.

Meetings are open to the public, and are held on the third Thursday of the month (except July and August) at 7:30pm, at :

Churchville Nature Center
501 Churchville Lane
Churchville, PA 18966

Come Join Us!  All experience levels are welcome!

Next Meeting –

UPDATE – Our March 2020 meeting is CANCELLED due to COVID-19

HOWEVR, in lieu of a meeting:  We’d like to still have a virtual orchid Showtable!

Please take a photo of all of your currently blooming orchids that you would like to place on the virtual showtable.  

Please post your orchid photos directly on the BCOS FaceBook page:


Upcoming Meetings –

Thursday, April 16, 2020:  TBA

Previous Meeting Topics –

January 2020:  Speaker: Carl Gustafson, Topic:  Orchids – How I grow ’em”

December 2019:  Cookies and Culture

November 2019:  Speaker: Beth Davis from Waldor Orchids;  Topic:  What is a Beth Plant: Welcome to the Weird, Wacky, World of Orchids

October 2019:   Annual Orchid Auction

September 2019:  BCOS Annual Orchid Potting Party

June 2019:  BCOS Annual Awards Program and Pot-Luck Dinner

May 2019:  Speaker:  Dr. Daphna Havkin-Frenkel;  Topic:  The Vanilla Orchid – Cultivation and Production

April 2019:  Speaker:  Dick Duran;  Topic: Cymbidiums

March 2019:  Speaker: Helen Hersch;  Topic:  Paphs and Phrags for Windowsill Growers

February 2019:  Speaker: Stuart Hughes;  Topic: Confessions of an Old Orchid Grower

January 2019:  Speaker: Gregory Griffis, Longwood Gardens;  Topic: The Terrific Terrestrials

December 2018:  Cookies and Culture

November 2018:  Cancelled due to Inclement Weather

October 2018:   Annual Orchid Auction

September 2018:   BCOS Annual Potting Party

June 2018:  BCOS Annual Awards Program and Pot-Luck Dinner

May 2018:   Speaker: Luan Elkins, presented “Embracing Orchids at Duke Farms”

April 2018:  Speaker Tony Silva, from Silva Orchids, presented “Silva Select Cattleya Breeding”

March 2018:  Speaker Sandy Kern, presented “BCOS at The Flower Show”

February 2018:  Speaker Wade Hollenbach, presented “The Culture and Care of Bulbophyllums”

January 2018:  Speaker Robert Sprague, presented “Orchids of the US and Canada”

December 2017:  Cookies and Culture

November 2017:  Speaker David Off, presented “Obsessed (a catt talk)”

October 2017:  Annual Orchid Auction

September 2017:  Annual Potting Party