BCOS Lending Library

The books, magazines and equipment listed below are available for members to borrow for up to two month periods.  Please inquire at the next meeting if you wish to borrow items.


  • Orchids by J. Oplt
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids by A Pridgeon (2)
  • The Native Orchids of Florida by C.A. Luer
  • An Introduction to the Cultivated Angraecoid Orchids of Madagascar by Hillerman & Hoist
  • American Orchid Culture by E. A. White
  • Encyclopedia of Cultivated Orchids by A.B. Hawkes
  • Home Orchid Growing (2) by R.T. Northern
  • Bulbophyllums by B. Thoms
  • How to Grow Orchids by Sunset Press
  • Miniature Orchids (2) by R.T. Northern
  • Orchids for Everyone Value Publishing
  • How to Grow Orchids at Home Vol. I by Paul & Diola Snell
  • How to Grow Orchids at Home Vol. II by Paul & Diola Snell
  • The Worlds Most Beautiful Orchids by G. Allikas & N. Nash
  • Orchids by T.J. Sheenan
  • Orchid Species Culture – Dendrobiums by M&C Baker
  • The Paphiopedilium Growers Manual by L.A. Birk
  • Culture of the Phalaenopsis Orchid (2) by B. Gordon
  • Phalaenopsis Culture by B. Gordon
  • Orchid Seedling Care by B. Gordon
  • Orchid Breeding Groups by G. Eysenbach
  • How to Grow Orchids Sunset Books
  • Masdevallia Culture Guide by W.A. Rhodehamel
  • Orchid Pest and Diseases A.O.S.
  • Dendrobiums by S. Schelpet & J. Stewart
  • Orchids for the Home and GreenhouseBrooklynBotanic Garden
  • Wild Orchids of the Middle Atlantic States by O.W. Gupton & Swope
  • When Does It Flower by R. M. Hamilton
  • An Introduction To Orchids by Charles Marden Fitch
  • Orchid Photography by C.M. Fitch
  • Garden Photography Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
  • You Can Grow Orchids by M. Noble
  • Orchid Fever by E. Hansen
  • The Orchid Tourist by Susan Plimpton

VHS Videotapes

  • Obsession with Orchids
  • Growing Orchids Under Lights – B. Webster
  • Potting and Mounting Orchids


  • Light Meters  (2)